About Me - Vanika Gupta_That Lawyer Trots

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Vanika Gupta is an Indian lawyer and photographer, who was born and raised in the National Capital Region . Vanika is a full time litigating lawyer practicing predominantly in the Delhi courts. When not being a lawyer, Vanika can be found working on campaigns with brands or bringing her artistic visions to life by photographing nature, landscape and wildlife.

Vanika’s tryst with photography began at an age when parents did not let their kids anywhere around expensive gadgets. Being a self taught photographer, Vanika loves exploring different genres of photography. Her curiosity led her to pick a camera on her travels at the age of 15 and in 2017, it led her to discover the world of fashion, product and food photography. Since then, she has worked with many leading and homegrown Indian and Singaporean brands. Her work has also been published in social and print media.

Vanika also creates nature, wildlife and landscape photographs in her free time and during her travels, solely to nurture her vision and mind.